Hotel Bedding Supplier Spotlight: Phoenix Down

One of the things hotel guests ‘judge’ a room on most is the quality of the night’s sleep they get. And while getting a great night’s sleep depends on a number of different factors one of the biggest is the comfort and quality of the bedding. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep if the sheets are too scratchy or the blankets too thin – or thick – to provide comfort at the right temperature.

In looking for bedding that will provide their guests with the comfort they are looking for, many hoteliers turn to down and down alternative products such as down comforters, down pillows and more. And in seeking out these hotel bedding products they often turn to Phoenix Down, one of the leading manufacturers of down – and down alternative – hotel bedding products in the US.

What is Down Anyway?

Not everyone is quite sure what down really is. In a nutshell, down is the layer of fine feathers that lies beneath the tougher exterior feathers that make up the plumage of wildfowl such as ducks and geese. It is a natural thermal insulator and provides great padding, making it a wonderful choice for creating comfortable bedding, especially when it comes to comforters and pillows.

The down used by the Phoenix Down Corporation to create high-quality hotel bedding is sourced from birds who were primarily raised for meat. Once obtained the down is cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards and accessed for quality before finding its way into any of the company’s products.

What is Down Alternative?

Down alternative is what its name suggests, a synthetic alternative to natural down that is often suited for use by those with allergies to feathers – although high quality down is usually hypoallergenic – or who are looking for a slightly more affordable alternative. Phoenix Down alternative down products are crafted using a blown polyester fiber blend that mimics natural down very well.

The Importance of Fill Power

When shopping for down comforters, down pillows and other down products suitable for use as hotel bedding the term ‘fill power’ will crop up often. This is the standard by which all natural down bedding products – and most down alternative bedding products – are graded. The term refers to a measurement that is calculated by placing a sample of the down in a special test tube that measures the number of cubic inches it can fill.

The very finest down – which is extremely expensive and rather difficult to find – has a fill power of 750, with the lowest quality down ‘weighing in’ at 300. Phoenix Down products are crafted using down that ranges in fill power from nothing less than a 550 fill power, a standard that provides a high-quality product that is soft but durable at a reasonable price that better fits the hotel bedding budget the average hotelier has to work with.

The Advantages of Down Based Hotel Bedding

There are a number of advantages of choosing down bedding over standard synthetic hotel bedding, including all of the following:

Softness – Hotel guests are looking for bedding that is as comfortable – if not even more so – than the bedding they make use of at home. High quality down bedding, like that provided by Phoenix Down, provides that comfort, especially when it comes to hotel comforters and hotel pillows.

Warmth – High quality down comforters are created using high fill power down – 500+ – that helps ensure that guests stay warm no matter what time of year it is or how cold it is outside.

Thermal Regulation – Another advantage of down fill is that it is a great temperature regulator. The down offers great ‘breathability’ and wicks away moisture that can leave a sleeping guest feeling sweaty or sticky.

Longevity – With the proper regular care a down comforter can last for years, something that is not true of many standard comforters, which can often become ‘lumpy’ and uncomfortable after just a few months use in a hotel setting. The same is true of hotel pillows, with down, or down alternative pillows from Phoenix Down boosting a lifespan of up to ten times longer than the standard hotel pillow.

Product Spotlight: Phoenix Down Hotel Bedding

Now that you better understand what the advantages are of choosing down based hotel bedding you are no doubt wondering just what products Phoenix Down have to offer to the hotelier in search of great hotel bedding. Here is a look at some of their bestsellers:

Phoenix Down Down Duvets

Available in fill levels from 650 to 550 and in all bed sizes – Twin, Full, King and Queen – Phoenix Down duvets boast a 100% cotton cover and great longevity, as well as superior comfort and styling to suit almost any hotel room decor.

Phoenix Down Pillows

Phoenix Down provides superior hotel pillows in both down and down alternative versions that offer a high fill count, great comfort and superior longevity. They are also sold in multipacks at a significant discount, something that any budget-conscious hotelier can appreciate.

Phoenix Down Throw Pillow Forms 

A great looking bedding display is something that hoteliers also strive to provide, and just the right throw pillows can make that a task that is far easier to achieve. Crafted from both down and down alternative these throw pillow forms are attractive, long-lasting and offer great ROI.

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