The Secrets for Taking Care of Your Luxury Bedding

A cozy looking bed with fresh and cloudy sheets makes up quite an imagination. After a grueling day at the office, the first thing that comes up to your mind is your bed. A luxury setting like this was possible when your bedding accessories were fresh and new. But now, they might have lost their welcoming charm which guaranteed a relaxed sleeping time. This is because the softness and the comfort levels can decrease over time with the increased amount of use.

This might enable you to question the quality of your bedding products. That’s quite a common misconception regarding most of the comforters and the pillows. A common way to maintain the fluffiness of your pillows and comforters is to wash them on a regular basis. This can take up a lot of time and effort, which can seem like a daunting task for many. The wash process usually depends on the size of these accessories. For instance, if you own a king size comforter, it can take up a full day before you are done with its cleaning.

The process further requires additional rinsing cycles along to get rid of the moisture that is absorbed by the down pillow. A low heat setting is also needed in your washer to ensure a successful drying process. The complete procedure eats up a quarter of your day, which is something you don’t want to happen. If you attempt to make changes in the working of the process, your down pillows might ruin very quickly. This might result in you looking for new luxury bedding quite sooner than you expected.

What to Do

You can easily avoid such problems if you know the secrets of taking care of your luxury bedding accessories. Here are a few of them for you to know about:

  • -Get a new zip cover made up of cotton. You will have to shrink the cover to reduce its size. This will increase the plumpness of your pillow making it comfier enough to use.
  • -You will need to assemble a clean tennis ball, a washcloth and your pillows in your washer’s dryer at once. The tennis ball is there to fluff up your pillow by making use of the air flow inside. This goes on for about 45-60 minutes to remove any loose down in the down pillow.
  • -In case of down comforters, the same process takes place with the exemption of a tennis ball.

How to Know Your Pillow’s Bathing Time?

You can easily get to know the washing time for your down pillows and comforters. Here are a few common signs for you to find out:-

  • -A flat shaped and dull comforter even when shaken.
  • -A pillow lacking its usual fluff
  • -An increased amount of down leaking from the corners of your pillows. It is in your hair, clothes, bed sheets and other surrounding places.

If you have any further queries regarding your bedding accessories, feel free to contact Pacific Coast® bedding for the best tips. 

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The Secrets for Taking Care of Your Luxury Bedding posted first on
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An Easy Guide to Help You Wash Your Pillows

Before washing your feather or down pillows, a lot of questions might arise in your mind. There are speculations that the washed pillows might lose their fluffiness, smoothness and the comfort they provide. This might be the case with the artificial pillows, but not with down or feather filled pillows. Cleaning of down and feather pillows as compared to synthetic pillows is quite an easy process.

One of the best qualities about such pillows is that they can fit in with any washing machine. They will remain soft and smooth with the same appearance that includes their shape and structure as well. Pacific Coast® bedding mainly prioritizes the use of natural filling materials in their collection of pillows. These materials provide a lot of benefits for their users which include easy maintenance as well.

Washing an artificial pillow can be a risk due to a number of reasons. Many individuals have reverted to not washing their pillows as they get uneven and out of shape. What this means is that keep sleeping on dirty pillows for quite a while until they think it’s time to buy a new one. On the other hand, if you buy one of the goose-down pillows, you will not have to worry at all. Such pillows tend to be long lasting if washed on a regular basis. You also might need to dry them properly mainly to maintain their width and compactness.

Why Do Pillows Get Yellow?

A stained pillow is something that might ruin your sleeping mood. There are quite a few things that can cause your pillows to turn yellow. Head sweating is one of the common reasons that stain your pillows depending upon how much you sweat while sleeping. Natural body oils, pregnancy, and menopause are some of the other common causes that also ruin the appearance of your pillows. A common drooling habit while sleeping is also responsible for yellowing of your bedding accessories.

How to Wash Goose down Or Feather Pillows?

To avoid yellow or dirty pillows, it is important you keep your pillows fresh and clean. Here are a few steps to help you out:-

  • Use a gentle soap. Soap without any additional chemicals is something you should look for.
  • Wash the pillow thoroughly. You should also make use of an additional rinse cycle to make sure that all the soap washes away.
  • Make use of a suitable water temperature. You can use hot, warm or cold water depending upon the fabric type. Most of the fabrics used tend to shrink if washed with hot or warm water. In such cases, cold water is a much better choice.
  • When using a washing machine, it is better to wash two pillows at a time. This will ensure a smooth rinsing process.
  • Put your washer on the fastest spin speed. This is to make sure that little or no moisture remains.
  • Avoid using a fabric softener. It can reduce the amount of fluffiness in your goose down or feather pillows.
  • You can also consider using non-chlorine bleach for getting rid of the yellow stains.

The Drying Process

After giving your pillows a much-needed bath, now is the time to dry them carefully. Here are a few tips to help you make the process easier:-

  • Keep a regular check on your pillows after each drying cycle. The pillows can still be damp and might need additional cycles to dry out the moisture completely.
  • It is important that you use the most suitable drying temperature for your pillows. You should avoid warm temperatures which can cause shrinkage.
  • The drying process requires patience. It can take several turns from the dryer to complete the process as each machine has a different drying time.
  • To determine the level of dampness, you should check for clump and scents which can cause mold. It is essential to repeat the drying cycle when such problems occur.

When to Wash Your Pillows?

Most of the experts recommend a six month period washing time for your pillows. The cleaning process also occurs earlier than the fixed period depending upon your use. Your sweat, saliva, body oils and the skin cells easily transfer to your pillows. Such natural causes might require your attention before the fixed six month time. Pillowcases are one way to prevent your pillows from getting dirty. However, you still might need to wash the pillows but not that often.

How to Fluff Up Your Pillows Repeatedly While Washing?

Compression is a common issue with most of the pillow types especially when washing. This requires you t ore-fluff your pillows regularly to maintain their shape and softness. Here are a few steps to help you out:-

  • The procedure takes place for about 15-20 minutes with a low heat setting applied to the washer.
  • A wet washcloth is a major requirement for the process.
  • A fabric softener is most suitable to maintain the quality of the fabric and the freshness levels.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pillow Protectors

Pillows can easily get dirty due to a number of reasons as mentioned before. A pillow protector is something you can use to maintain the cleanliness of your pillows for a longer time. The benefits of pillow covers easily outweigh their disadvantages. For instance, the added layer is a customer favorite as it provides the necessary protection from numerous substances. A slight disadvantage of the extra layer is that it reduces the bendiness of your pillow. A pillow with a pillow cover can lack the flexibility that most of the individuals look for. Each person has his or her comfort demands. To know if a pillow protector suits you, you will have to try it on for yourself.

Washing of down or feathery pillows is quite simple if you follow the listed steps. You should know that clean pillows have a lot of benefits. They have a longer life, and with regular cleaning, they can last for about ten years. 

An Easy Guide to Help You Wash Your Pillows posted first on
An Easy Guide to Help You Wash Your Pillows posted first on
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When To Replace Your Pillows

It is not uncommon to find yourself feeling restless while trying to sleep. Such discomfort is often a result of improper support to your neck and head. You should start looking for a new pillow if you experience this discomfort a lot. A good quality pillow has a life that ranges between one and 10 years depending on the material used and might need replacing in the specified time.

Here are a few pointers for you to know when you need to replace your pillow:-

Material’s Quality

The materials used are vital in determining the life expectancy of your pillows. Here are three common materials used for making pillows:

  • Artificial- the best way to know when the synthetic material of your pillow needs replacing is to first use it for a year or two. The quality and how you use the pillow can be the major contributing factors.
  • Down and Feather- one of the best things about this type is that you can clean them over time to make them look like new. Once the feathers stop plumping up, it is time to look for a replacement.
  • Foam- it can be quite tricky to know when to replace a foam pillow. In this case, the quality of the foam and the frequency of use can play a significant role. As you increase your use, the foam starts to get harder. If it gets too hard and stops providing the same level of comfort, it is time to replace it.

A Flat And Hard Pillow

Another easy way to know when to replace your pillow is by checking the evenness and the hardness of your pillow. Here are some material guidelines for your help:

  • Down and Feather- in this type, the first step to take is to place your pillow on a hard surface. After that, fold in as many halves as you can to squeeze out all the air present inside. The next step involves checking if the pillow easily returns to its original shape. If the pillow doesn’t meet these requirements, it is a clear sign that you will have to replace your pillow.
  • Synthetic- in case of a synthetic pillow, the first step to take is to fold the pillow as done in the case of down and feather pillows. Then you will have to place a smaller weight consisting of about 10oz on the folded pillow. This has to be done before releasing the folded pillow. If the pillow doesn’t need replacing, it will counter the weight by throwing it away and will return to its original position. If the pillow has run out of its life, it will remain folded.

It is important that you clean your pillows properly by using different pillow protectors and covers. A proper maintenance procedure will ensure that your pillows last longer. If in case you are looking for the best replacements, Pacific Coast has a lot of variety in its pillow section for you to choose from.

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The Ultimate Pillow Covers

The pillows in your bedroom are incomplete without the proper pillow covers. To satisfy your needs, Pacific Coast® Bedding introduces a wide range of pillow protectors. Equipped with hidden zipped covers, these protect your pillows from stains, fluids and other things, such as body oils, which might leave a permanent mark on your pillows. 

A pillow protector is quite different from a normal pillowcase or a pillow sham. Both of these serve different purposes. The purpose of a pillowcase is to act as a practical cover while the pillow sham is usually equipped with a trim or extension, mainly used as a decorative cover.

Why Use A Pillow Protector?

The advantages of using pillow protectors will surely change your perspective, which might lead to you buying a couple of sets of the Pacific Coast® pillow protectors. Our premium collection of protectors is made from high-quality materials which include a blend of the finest cotton, gusset and anti-allergic fabric guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

Spotless Pillows

Our pillow protectors sport multiple layers that offer sufficient protection from body oils, which can easily pass through the covers and leave a permanent mark on your pillows. Of course, clean pillows are a much better sight than dirty pillows; another reason why you should get a pillow protector.

No Bugs!

Bed bugs are something you would undoubtedly like to avoid when sleeping. The protectors ensure that there is a low probability of bugs entering your pillows. Pest infestation can lead to a lot of problems such as common skin allergies and even asthma which might lead to you throwing away your precious pillows. You can avoid that, thanks to our collection of pillow protectors which are reliable enough for you to sleep without any worries.

Avoid Allergies

Due to the ability to tackle bug infestation, you can easily avoid skin allergies and asthma with the help of proper pillow protectors. You will also be able to avoid irritation and enjoy the most comfortable sleep time knowing that there are no mites present to create problems for you.

Travel with Pillow Protectors!

There are chances that when you are staying at a hotel, motel or a guesthouse, you can encounter bed bugs and other things which you might not expect at all. It is better not to take a risk, and the better option would be to carry Pacific Coast® best pillow protectors on your trip. You can avoid dirty pillows which might affect your health in many ways if you a pillow protector by your side.

Which One to Choose?

The Pacific Coast® pillow protector collection has a variety of protectors for you to choose from. There are different designs inspired by different styles made in different sizes to cater your bedding requirements. You can know more about our collection on our website, available at reasonable prices.

Here are a few options for you to consider:-

  • -The Pacific Coast®luxury pillow protector made up of 100% pure cotton is a great choice to add a touch of class to your bedroom. It is equipped with a hidden zipper and consists of a 600 count.
  • The Gusset pillow protector made up of 300-thread count and 100% pure cotton can serve as an ideal cover for your pillows.
  • -The Pacific Coast®Basic Pillow Protector has a hidden zipper and a 300 count. It is made up of 100% cotton which signifies its high quality.
  • -The AllerRest® Pillow Protector consists of the best 300 thread-count and 100% pure cotton AllerRest® textile.

Combine our protectors with our other bedding products for a peaceful sleeping time.

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The Ultimate Pillow Covers posted first on
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Pillow Covers and Pillow Cases

Relaxing Pillowcases for a Peaceful Sleeping Time

Your ideal pillowcases should be soft and comfortable for your head. After going through the different Pacific Coast® bedding accessories such as linens and pillows, it is time you start looking for pillow covers. Pillow covers are instrumental in protecting your pillows from dust, dirt, bugs and dust mites. There is a wide range of covers available in different sizes and colors, which can easily merge in with your bedroom’s décor.

The Elegant Capture Top Pillow Cases

A pillow covered with a 500-thread count textile made up of 100% cotton sateen is the perfect representation of the optimum comfort and luxury you can find in a pillow. You can get these pillows on the Pacific Coast® Capture Top® Pillowcases, which will give you the same magnificent feeling you get in our bedding and linen collections.

There are numerous designs and styles available for your convenience with about six colors to choose from. The colors match up with the ones present in the Pacific Coast® Best Fit®sheets collection.

The openings present in the pillowcases ensure that you can easily tuck in your pillows for getting a more polished look for your bedding accessories.

Protectors and Covers

Keeping your pillow clean can be quite difficult. Body oils, fluids, and usual stains can quickly ruin the appearance of your pillows. To deal with such issues, you should consider giving our special pillow protectors a shot.

The inclusion of the 305 thread count cotton Barrier Weave® down-proof cloth mixes perfectly with your pillow giving you an added feeling of comfort- which is a symbol of all of the Pacific Coast® products. Addition of such fabric is vital for pillow protection keeping it nice and tidy for longer periods.

The Gusset Pillow Cover

Gusset pillow covers are defined by style and elegance, which makes them a worthy addition to your bedding accessories. Finding a gusset pillow cover of your preference can be quite difficult due to different material and size fit requirements for your pillows. Our special collection of gusset pillow covers is made up of 300 thread count equipped with 100% pure cotton which contributes to its coziness.

The gusset line is also made up of our unique Barrier Weave® down-proof fabric. This fabric keeps your pillow clean and tidy for a long time as compared to the other pillow covers.

The Big Cozy® Pillow Cover

Consisting of 230-thread count, made up of 100% cotton, this pillow protector does not disappoint at all. Our trademark Weave® down-proof textile adds to its reliability and quality making it a worthy addition for your bedroom. The hidden zipper is also a smart feature to keep the beautiful looks of the cover unblemished. The cover matches with the Pacific Coast® The Big Cozy® pillow.

The Allerrest® Pillow Cover

Waking up and finding out that you are a probable victim of morning allergies is not a good feeling at all. Allergens such as dust mites can cause such allergies, and they live in your bedding accessories like your pillows. Once you get the Pacific Coast®AllerRest® pillow protectors, you will easily be able to deal with such bedding issues.

The collection consists of a 300 count thread fabric made up of 100% cotton which has the primary purpose of protecting your pillows from different allergens. The protection barrier does not eliminate the comfort factor and smoothness brought on by the pillow protector which is something you should consider having in your bedroom.

If protecting your pillows is the priority, the Pacific Coast® is all that you need. Our pillow covers last longer than other covers available in the market. There might be cheaper options for you to try on but they cannot provide the same level of protection and quality that you demand, and we provide. Give us a try and get ready to experience the best bedding products for your house. 

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Pillow Covers and Pillow Cases posted first on
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Pacific Coast® Feather Company Pillows

Relying on good ol’ hard work and supreme quality, the Pacific Coast® Feather Company has yet again delivered upon their promise of utmost comfort with their amazing pillows. Their collection of a feather, down, and hotel pillows will leave you yearning for a few more hours between the warm covers.

From the bedrooms to hotel rooms, Pacific Coast® pillows are everywhere to provide people with the most fabulous night’s sleep ever.

Feather Pillows

Offering unmatched softness and long-lasting fluffiness, Pacific Coast®’s feather pillows make for a great addition to every home. An expert in making the best feeling feather pillows, this brand continues to provide their loyal customers with a unique sleeping experience. Unlike other brands, we strive for quality and don’t skimp on the materials so that you can get a final product that is worth keeping for a long time to come.

They continue to ensure customers that nothing is more important than their comfort and satisfaction, which is why they offer a 30-night comfort guarantee so that you can try out their product for at least 30 nights before deciding whether it meets your expectations or not. In the case that it doesn’t, you can just return it for a complete product refund.

They also have a limited warranty for a 5-year period, which allows you to have your product replaced if it takes up damage.

Optimum Support

Pacific Coast® is an expert in providing comfortable bedding. This fact explains why they take such great care in giving every sleeper the best support with their pillows. Available in three different firmness levels; soft, medium-firm and firm, their pillows cater to different needs.

People who require extra support for their necks prefer the firm pillows. Conversely, the medium-firmness pillow is suitable for sleepers who toss and turn in bed. These pillows work perfectly, regardless of the position you sleep in. As for the highlight, the softest pillows are a prime standard for people who like to sleep on their stomachs.

They’re Allergy Free

A significant reason why many people prefer to buy synthetic material-based pillows is due to the fear of having an allergic reaction to natural materials like feathers and down. However, you can say goodbye to worrying about allergies to unhygienic materials and dust because Pacific Coast® pillows are not stuffed until the feathers and down go through a strict cleaning process.

Both down and feathers are washed for a total of 8 times and dried each time before repeating a washing cycle. The Hyperclean® process is critical in making sure that no customers have to deal with any harmful allergens.

After this cleaning regimen is complete, the material is enclosed within a Barrier Weave® wrap made from fabric, 100% cotton. With this protective layer, you can rest assured that all the feathers will stay in place so you can sleep without worries.

Matchless Durability

No brand comes close to competing with Pacific Coast®’s featherbedding, whether the category is comfort or longevity. Their warm and fluffy featherbedding has a thread count that’s no less than 230 and is covered with a layer of 100% cotton so you can rest easy without irritation from synthetic substances.

Comprising the best quality of feathers, Pacific Coast® pillows can stay in great shape, just as how you bought them, for years after you originally purchased them. Many of their loyal customers have reported that despite years of usage and frequent washes, feather pillows stay the same, making them a great investment.

Hotel Pillows

Many travelers describe staying in a hotel unlike any other. While some may comment on the pleasant ambiance, delicious food, and exceptional room service, one thing that everyone would agree on is that the bedding is outstanding and offers an entirely new sleeping experience.

If you’ve felt something similar, it’s likely because of a Pacific Coast® hotel pillow. Well, now it’s time to have the same hotel-like comfort at home with their advanced pillows. These unique hotel pillows comprise of Hyperclean®-processed feathers and ensconced in luxurious cotton fabric that will keep you feeling relaxed.

A Touch of Down® Pillow

This unique pillow is unlike any other because of its distinct composition that consists of many pillows within a single pillow. Since it provides excellent durability to people sleeping on their side and back, numerous hotels across the US use these pillows.

Hotel Symmetry® Pillow

Offering the best comfort, the brand came up with a new design theory, which the pillow resulted as an equal mixture of both Hyperclean® feathers and Resilia® Feathers. This medium-support pillow is ideal for users who prefer sleeping in more than one position.

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Pacific Coast® Feather Company Pillows posted first on
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Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Best Goose Down Pillows

Soft Goose Down Pillows For Bed

There’s nothing better than seeing a made up bed with some of the most comfy looking pillows after a tiring day at work. Pillows are a necessity in bedding accessories for adults and children both due to the added comfort and other numerous benefits they bring.

A 6-8 hours sleeping time is a must as recommended by doctors and to make the most of it, you will need the best goose down pillow for a proper resting place for your neck and head. Furthermore, the best goose down pillow will also create a comfortable support for your cervical spine. It means that there is a small chance of back problems.

With all these benefits from using goose down pillows, it is safe to say that these pillows help you get the much needed resting time which you deserve after a hectic day outside. If you are looking for the best goose down pillows, the Pacific Coast® pillow collection is one of the best in the business, and will not disappoint. Each pillow in the collection is made from different materials that contribute to its high quality.

Not Just Limited To ‘Goose Down’

What’s make the Goose down pillows special? The answer is high-quality materials. The two materials used are:-

  • -Down plume
  • -100% pure Cotton which aids in providing supreme smoothness and softness for your head when you rest.

The Softest All Goose Down Pillow

Luxury, class and the premium comfort; such a blend is often hard to find in a pillow. Our soft goose down pillow in white portrays a pleasant sight for you. They offer you the experience of lavishness and smoothness in one package every night. The luxury pillow consists of a filling of our a high 680 thread count cover and deluxe white goose down with 700 fill power; making it a worthy addition to your bedroom.

The Hypoallergenic Goose Down Pillow

Allergen, dirt, and dust are some common components that you will find in the feathers of the goose down pillows. You don’t have to worry about these issues as the feathers are properly washed and rinsed in eight cycles. This eliminates the presence of any element which might ruin your sleep.

This also ensures that anyone allergic to dust and dirt including both kids and adults can make use of the goose down pillow. Even if your family consists of an asthma patient or an old-aged individual, the goose down pillow serves them the best.

Sleep is important for your health. Your body needs at least a 6-hour resting time for proper functionality. This includes its thinking ability, physical strength and its ability to heal injuries. The hypoallergenic properties in our goose down pillows offer you the peace of mind. You will always know that your children are tucked under the covers that will not affect their health and sleep. 

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Best Goose Down Pillows posted first on
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