Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Best Goose Down Pillows

Soft Goose Down Pillows For Bed

There’s nothing better than seeing a made up bed with some of the most comfy looking pillows after a tiring day at work. Pillows are a necessity in bedding accessories for adults and children both due to the added comfort and other numerous benefits they bring.

A 6-8 hours sleeping time is a must as recommended by doctors and to make the most of it, you will need the best goose down pillow for a proper resting place for your neck and head. Furthermore, the best goose down pillow will also create a comfortable support for your cervical spine. It means that there is a small chance of back problems.

With all these benefits from using goose down pillows, it is safe to say that these pillows help you get the much needed resting time which you deserve after a hectic day outside. If you are looking for the best goose down pillows, the Pacific Coast® pillow collection is one of the best in the business, and will not disappoint. Each pillow in the collection is made from different materials that contribute to its high quality.

Not Just Limited To ‘Goose Down’

What’s make the Goose down pillows special? The answer is high-quality materials. The two materials used are:-

  • -Down plume
  • -100% pure Cotton which aids in providing supreme smoothness and softness for your head when you rest.

The Softest All Goose Down Pillow

Luxury, class and the premium comfort; such a blend is often hard to find in a pillow. Our soft goose down pillow in white portrays a pleasant sight for you. They offer you the experience of lavishness and smoothness in one package every night. The luxury pillow consists of a filling of our a high 680 thread count cover and deluxe white goose down with 700 fill power; making it a worthy addition to your bedroom.

The Hypoallergenic Goose Down Pillow

Allergen, dirt, and dust are some common components that you will find in the feathers of the goose down pillows. You don’t have to worry about these issues as the feathers are properly washed and rinsed in eight cycles. This eliminates the presence of any element which might ruin your sleep.

This also ensures that anyone allergic to dust and dirt including both kids and adults can make use of the goose down pillow. Even if your family consists of an asthma patient or an old-aged individual, the goose down pillow serves them the best.

Sleep is important for your health. Your body needs at least a 6-hour resting time for proper functionality. This includes its thinking ability, physical strength and its ability to heal injuries. The hypoallergenic properties in our goose down pillows offer you the peace of mind. You will always know that your children are tucked under the covers that will not affect their health and sleep. 

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Best Goose Down Pillows posted first on
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A Helpful Guide to Sleeping on Your Back and Side

To have a good night’s sleep, it’s important that your back, head, and neck be in a good position. Otherwise, you will wake up feeling tired and fatigued. Hence, it’s important that you choose an adequate pillow that not only meets your preferences with regard to softness but supports your spine as well. Pacific Coast® pillows can offer you a relaxing and healthy sleep experience.

Know What Kind of Sleeper Your Are

To select a good pillow, it’s essential that you first understand how you prefer to sleep. You need to find the position in which you feel most comfortable. Many people understate the importance of knowing their sleeping style. In fact, the way you sleep actually contributes to your personality and makes you who you are.

Some people are adamant sleepers. They prefer a single position to all others, regardless of the weather or the time of night. On the other hand, some people have a conscious liking for a certain posture. However, they tend to switch postures while sleeping if they feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it is the position you like sleeping in so it’s your own style. Some of us don’t really have a favorite position to sleep in, but even in that case, you should select a pillow for the position you usually wake up in; whether you wake up on your stomach, side or back.

Since the way you sleep is something that just comes naturally, there’s a likelihood that it will change as you grow older, or as your body changes. For instance, women who originally loved sleeping on their stomachs had to choose another style after becoming pregnant, but find it hard to transition back after their delivery because it no longer feels that comfortable.

Now we’re not asking you to take future body changes into account when choosing a pillow, but the least one can do is to think about what secondary sleeping position they prefer if the first one starts to get uncomfortable.

People who know of their two sleeping positions often prepare before bed. If they prefer to sleep on their front and side, they’ll keep a pair of fluffy and soft pillows that they can use when on their side and then make it one when they transition to sleeping on their front.

Support: How Much Do You Need?

The reason why some of you may feel tired in the morning is due to a raging ache in your shoulders and neck that stems from the misalignment of the spine. In other cases, this is caused by pressure points that arise from keeping one’s head on too short or tall of a pillow. Compare this situation with having a well-balanced pillow that offers just the right amount of support; you don’t wake up with aches.

A common belief about how a pillow causes unwanted aches, is that it entirely depends upon how tall or short it is, but this is inaccurate. Pillows, like those from Pacific Coast®, have unique features that cater to both comfort and support. This allows sleepers of every kind to select a pillow that is well suited to their personal sleeping position.

What Makes a Comfortable and Supportive Pillow?

Pacific Coast® uses a detailed balance of materials to achieve a perfect equilibrium between both factors. To get a comfortable layer of fluffiness, the makers add clusters of down to the outer layer of a pillow. These are soft and make room for your head to fall deep into the base.

The base is where all the support lies because that part is made from natural feather filling. This layer permits the spine and head to be in proper alignment. As a result, this effectively tackles discomfort and pressure points that can form in the neck and head.

Sleeping on Your Front? Go Soft

Doctors don’t recommend sleeping on your front since it puts unwanted strain on your back and neck, and it’s most probable that you switch from this position as well. However, it’s what gets you in a comfortable position to sleep in the first place.

The best pillow that a front sleeper can use is one that’s very soft and allows your head to simply sink in at level with the rest of your body. While you’re sleeping this way, your neck is taking up a considerable amount of strain because it will be in an odd position for quite a while. An incredibly soft pillow with even softer support can decrease this strain to a minimal level.

Sleeping on Your Back? Go Medium-Firm

Sleeping on your neck doesn’t require as much support. This reason is why a medium-firm pillow is the right choice for you. These will have the right amount of filling that conforms to the head’s shape and weight. This design offers proper support to your back and head. Based on whether you personally prefer a little more height, or want your head closer to your bed, you can choose between a medium-firm, and support that is soft yet confirming.

Sleeping on Your Side? Go Firm

If you prefer sleeping on your side for most of the night, a soft pillow can cause considerable damage. Sleeping on your side is a delicate position. While you sleep, head and neck is suspended and needs to be at level with the shoulders. Hence, firm pillows are the way to go because of how much support they give to your neck. As explained above, a pillow will need to have more of a feather filling rather than down to offer the right balance for a side sleeper. 

A Helpful Guide to Sleeping on Your Back and Side posted first on
A Helpful Guide to Sleeping on Your Back and Side posted first on
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Down and Feather Pillows

Pacific Coast Hotel Pillow

Feather Pillows – Softness, Firmness and Versatility

There is no question that Pacific Coast is the most famous manufacturer of down and feather pillows. The company has been in business for more than 130 years and is recognized as the leading brand in the US market.

The reason behind Pacific Coast’s success is that they consistently provide their loyal customers with the best down and feather pillows. Pacific Coast offers a ‘30 nights comfort guarantee’ with a 5-year warranty to ensure their customers don’t face any inconvenience with the items they purchase.

These pillows allow you to have a good night’s sleep. Also, the products help people sleep comfortably and for a longer period of time compared to other pillow brands.

In light of this, mentioned below are the features you can enjoy:

Better Support

Pacific Coast pillows will give you a peaceful night’s sleep so you wake up rested and fresh. These pillows offer three levels of firmness: soft, medium and firm. You can choose the firmness as per your needs.

Firm pillows are the best choice for people who require extra neck and back support as well as for side sleepers. You should opt for a medium pillow if you tend to change positions during sleep, while the soft pillow is suitable if you sleep on your tummy.

Allergy Free

Pacific Coast is renowned globally for its Hypercleaning process. The process involves washing the down and feathers eight times before inserting them inside the 100% Barrier Weave fabric. This process ensures there are no dust particles or allergens in the down and feathers and the final product.

The Barrier Weave fabric used as the outer layer of pillow ensures that the down and feathers stays inside the pillow right where it belongs.


As you know, Pacific Coast offers a variety of types of pillows so you always have plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for a feather pillow or an all down pillow. Alternatively, you can opt for a combination of the two.

Pacific Coast offers a vast variety of pillows, from hypoallergenic pillows to hotel pillows to body pillows. Select the right one for your needs and you will get restful sleep every night.


Pacific Coast produces high-end bedding and their pillow range is a proof of that. The pillows that Pacific Coast offers are filled with high quality downs and feathers that last and stay fluffy for longer.

Hotel Pillows

Touch Of Down Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast’s bedding collection is incomplete without mentioning their amazing and most durable hotel pillows range.

The two most popular hotel pillows from their hotel pillow range are:

1.Touch of Down Pillow

This is a specially designed pillow. Simply put, it is basically a pillow-in-a-pillow design. It is durable and is perfect for head and neck support. It relaxes your muscle pain caused by long flights. That’s why hotels and other hospitality businesses across the US opt for this product.

2.Hotel Symmetry Pillow

This pillow is a blend of 50/50 hyperclean down and supportive, resilient feathers which makes it one of a kind. It is designed to provide comfort in any sleeping position. Hence, this is the biggest reason hotels around the world use this pillow.

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Down and Feather Pillows posted first on
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What Makes A Perfect Towel?

As a hotelier, the comfort of your guests is of the upmost importance. And one item that catches the attention of any guests is the towels. There is a large market for towels out there, how do you decipher which is best to purchase? Hotels4Humanity is here to help.

What should the material be?

 Egyptian cotton: Egypt is known for producing the best type of quality material. This type of fiber is long and therefore holds more moisture. This material is good for small bath towels and less for full size bath towels because the extra-long fibers means it will hold more moisture and take longer to dry. The material is incredibly soft, which is always a plus.Good question and perhaps the answer is too simple, cotton. Cotton has shown to be the softest and most absorbent type of material in multiple tests. There are many different ways cotton is woven into the material that makes the soft fluffy towels.

  •  Turkish cotton: a very similar material to the Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton is also extremely soft and has long fibers to absorb more moisture. Towels woven from this material are thick and lush. It is also more efficient in drying which makes the material more suitable for towels. It also is a very soft material to the touch.
  • Pima/Supima cotton: this type of material is widely manufactured and distributed in the US and is what most towels are made of. Pima is very comparable to Egyptian cotton for its long cotton fibers and great absorbency quality.

Does it matter how it was made?

It does, the way cotton is constructed to create towels make a difference in the weight and feel of the finished material. Towels that are soft and durable yet absorbent are the best towels.

  • Combed cotton: as it sounds, this process combs through the cotton fibers and removes the shorter bits. The end result is a fine, sheen type of cotton material that is best for clothing rather than towels.
  • Ring-spun: Unlike the combed process, the short and long fibers are spun and woven together during the ring spun process. Doing so creates a more durable and soft material which serves better for towels.
  • Terry cotton: you may have encountered this material when stepping on a plush bath mat. Terry cotton has extra fibers woven in loops to absorb more water and has a bouncier feel. 

Does color affect softness?

According to a news article done by the Seattle Times sometime back, white is the perfect color. The logic behind that article is that unlike colored fibers, there is no worry of fading. Colored towels should not be the focal point of a bathroom, the lights, fixtures, wallpaper, etc should all be eye catching and the towels white. If color, decorated towels want to be added then they should not be for use, only display. The article was not wrong, and had several good points. Colored towels are not as long lasting as neutral colors like white, cream and beige. Spots can develop over time and the color can fade. Since the fibers had to be dyed to achieve the color then the fibers have been more processed and therefore have a short life span. 

Do not let that discourage you, however, if colors enhance your brand or add a special touch, just be vigilant of the cons!

Hotels4Humanity has many quality towels on our site. 

Westpoint is one of our best brands, they have some plush luxury towels that come as a package deal and are a grab as does their branch off Martex with these Brentwood towels. If you are looking for some summer colors to fit the season, these go just perfect. We just had an entire blog on the allure of striped towels, Westpoint offers some of those too that are ideal pool and beach towels.

1888 Mills does not fall far behind with their selection of great towels. This towel, called new horizons is made of 100% ring-spun cotton. And this white and beige towels falls right into what was mentioned above about color. 1888 Mills also carries their own colored towels, with these very beachy colors made of 86% cotton and 14% polyester to make this perfect blend of Terry towels.

So what is the perfect towel?

The perfect towel, in our humble opinion, is made of fine spun cotton such as Egyptian, Turkish, and Supima. Light and neutral colored towels are less processed and will not fade, therefore lasting a good amount of time. Although softness is always important when choosing a towel, its maintenance is equally important. Consider how the cotton is constructed, because thicker, plusher towels may be nice at glance but they will weigh more with moisture and are harder to maintain. 

Whatever you choose, keep our site in mind for premium, luxurious towels for all your hotelier needs!

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What Makes A Perfect Towel? posted first on
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Product Spotlight: Kartri

Perhaps the most underrated piece of equipment is the shower curtain. A shower curtain can easily make or break the appurtenance of your bathroom. Much like the curtains hanging in the rooms or lobby, it dresses up a room and sets a tone. Hotels4Humanity carries a great selection of shower curtains to choose one, including the brand Kartri. 

Kartri Sales Company has been in the business for a while, since 1975 in fact. It was established by a couple, Michael and Josephine Goskowski in Pennsylvania and the business quickly flourished to become a family empire. Their two daughters, Karen and Tricia, whom the company was named after took up their parent’s mantel. To this day, Katri is known all over the world for their products. They specialize in selling to the hospitality sector worldwide but their products can also be found by average consumers on popular sites such as Amazon. This company is the expert when it comes to shower curtains but their company extends beyond that and also offer accessories, bathrobes, bath slippers, top of the bed products and custom accessories to order.

There’s a reason Kartri’s shower curtains has reached the success it has. Hotels4Humanity boasts several styles and colors of the brand. Perhaps an all-time favorite is the extra heavy-duty 10 gauge vinyl Sure Check Shower Curtains. The colors are incredibly vibrant and can make any bathroom pop! From the tranquil color of blush to the harder edge color of smoke and black, these curtains accomplish style and utility. They are also flame resistant and self-extinguishable (for if the worst were to happen) as well as “stain resistant, anti-static, odor resistant, antimicrobial, and economical shower curtains.” Do we need to say more?

If solid, bold colors are more of your liking then check out the Dobbie, polyester shower curtain with sewn eyelets. As best described, “All fabric shower curtains are constructed with a reinforced triple folded heading, one and three-eighths inches in width, reinforced with a strip of no tear buckram, with one-half inch sewn eyelets. Side hems are one-inch width double fold. Bottom hems are reversed so as not to hinder the flow-off of soap and water.” This product can also be made to order.

Elegance meets chic in the Vision Check Sheer shower curtain. The look is incredibly modern and is made of 100% polyester sheer checkered squares and embedded with a water repellent coating. This type of curtain complements a wide range of bathroom styles and could be the perfect touch for your inn’s bathrooms.

Another dear favorite is the 6 Gauge Vintaff vinyl shower curtain with metal grommets. The colors are refreshing and perfect for spring and summer. The grommets are rust proof and no stich or perforation is seen on the curtain. Our favorite is the popping green color!

If you want some texture to your curtain the Marquise polyester shower curtain has exactly that. Made out of 100% polyester 150 denier diamond pattern and with water repellent coating, it comes in cream white and beautiful beige.

This is only sliver of the products Kartri has on Hotels4Humanity, be sure to visit the entire line up. And if you are interested in their products as a whole, their official website can be found here.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Hotels4Humanity blog and be sure to check out our other posts for tips and tricks for hoteliers.  

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Product Spotlight: Kartri posted first on
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​Save Money and Help the Environment by Recycling Hotel Mattresses

Any hotel owner knows that mattresses don’t last forever. To ensure guest comfort, they need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Where do Hotel Beds go?

Most mattresses end up at the dump. An estimated 50,000 mattresses end up in landfills every day, according to the Mattress Recycling Council. “Getting rid of mattresses in a responsible way isn’t easy,” says the President of International Sleep Products. Most landfills don’t want old mattresses because they take up a lot of space, are difficult to crush, and often jam machinery.

However, there are third parties that will buy used bedding from retailers. This may be an effortless way of getting rid of old mattresses, but there are several disadvantages that come with this process. Most of these renovators just sew a cover over a used mattress, making no effort to properly sterilize the bedding, and then deceive customers into thinking they’re getting a brand-new mattress.

The solution is to recycle old mattresses, which is a responsible way of disposing of used bedding and also conserves resources. The Hilton hotel chain began recycling mattresses in 2012, and since 2015 the program has kept nearly 1 million pounds of waste out of landfills. 95% of each mattress, box spring and bed frame recycled by Hilton are turned into new products.

During 2017, Hilton did a hotel-wide mattress recycling at their property in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. This resulted in 2,725 mattresses and box springs being recycled within a month, which also stopped a total of 187,230 pounds of waste from entering landfills.

How can recycling a hotel mattress help?

Recycling hotel mattresses can produce new materials in several diverse ways, USA Today says. Soft commodities such as foam and fiber are turned into carpet padding, pet bedding, insulation, pillow stuffing, mats, and oil filters. Metal and box springs are sold to steel mills where they are used in tools, construction materials, and car parts. Cotton is recycled to make linen papers and oil spill containment. Recycled wood is used to make flooring, wood pallets, mulch, compost, and pressed wood.

“You never know, you could be walking on a floor or sitting in a car made with parts of a mattress from a Hilton property you once stayed at,” says Randy Gaines, Hilton executive.

Not only is recycling hotel mattresses good for the environment, it is good for a hotels budget. Since landfills are taking less and increasing their prices, it’s becoming less expensive to recycle.

Is it time to replace your hotel mattresses? Hotels4Humanity can help. With a wide selection of bedding and other accessories, Hotels4Humanity can help with all your hotel needs. Visit to learn more. 

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​Save Money and Help the Environment by Recycling Hotel Mattresses posted first on
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How To Improve TripAdvisor Reviews and Increase Revenue

Spanning several million destinations, TripAdvisor has over five hundred hotels and restaurants. Each month, over 390 million people directly book hotels through TripAdvisor. With a fast and effortless way of leaving ratings and reviews given to consumers, TripAdvisor ratings have the power to either greatly enhance or irreparable damage a hotels reputation. When a hotel has higher scores and better reviews, guests are more likely to book a reservation. TripAdvisor gives hotels a chance to build their reputation, however a negative online reputation can greatly impact bookings.

A hotels RevPAR increases by 1.4 percent for each point it’s ratings are improved. Each rating a hotel receives on TripAdvisor has a direct impact on its revenue. Additionally, a hotel can increase its prices by up to eleven percent without effecting bookings for each point its reputation improves on a five-point scale.

Ways to Ensure Positive Reviews

A visitor’s review starts the moment they walk into a hotel and doesn’t end until after check-out. It’s important to field queries and concerns as soon as possible, although a hotels character is demonstrated by each chosen word. A frequent guest should have their expectations exceeded each time they visit the establishment, and this can be done by having their preferences stored. Reviews and ratings can also be improved by the simple act of providing props for photos or recommending the best spots for photos to be taken.

Be Eager, But Not Too Eager

Responding to TripAdvisor reviews is a crucial step in improving a hotels rating, but only to a certain extent. A study done by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration shows that a hotels revenue increases when management responds to online reviews. It’s also proven that returns decrease after a forty percent response rate. Additionally, going beyond forty percent may also have a negative impact on a hotels reputation. Remember to make most responses constructive to negative reviews rather than responding to the positive.

Encourage Guests to Leave Reviews on TripAdvisor

Asking visitors to post a review or leave a rating is possibly one of the easiest ways to gain reviews, although it’s important not to be too pushy. Consider having a tent card in the guest rooms or dining areas where they are easily accessible. Studies done by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration also found that hotels with more positive reviews do better regarding pricing, occupancy, and revenue. Positive reviews are key when it comes to increasing bookings and revenue. Nearly forty-nine percent of all travelers won’t book reservations at a hotel that doesn’t have any online reviews or ratings.

Consider Hotels4Humanity

The most common complaints left by visitors on TripAdvisor are due to bad lighting, poor accommodations, or cleanliness. Each of these issues have a simple solution, and most needs of hotel developers can be met with Hotels4Humanity. With a wide variety of light fixtures, furniture, and accessories, most of Hotels4Humanity’s products come either standard or customized. Don’t forget that clean rooms are key to a successful hotel and positive online reviews as guests will post pictures of anything they find to be unsatisfactory during their stay. Make sure to ensure that the voice of each guest is well heard.

Visit Hotels4Humanity to view all our hotel related products.

How To Improve TripAdvisor Reviews and Increase Revenue posted first on
How To Improve TripAdvisor Reviews and Increase Revenue posted first on
How To Improve TripAdvisor Reviews and Increase Revenue published first on